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Guitar Tech 101: Hot Rodding is a class combining our most popular Pro Level Guitar Setup Class and Wiring & Electronics Class into a hot-rodding specific objective. What do we mean by hot-rodding? Making it play better, changing out parts, modifying the design, & tweaking it to meet our needs. We further combine the topic of routing body cavities for popular mods such as non-stock pickup & electronic configurations. Be prepared to get your hands dirty! You will receive our take-home setup guide book along with your participation in class.

Popular examples that you can do in this class include:

  • Custom pickup configurations/ modify guitar for custom controls
  • Upgrade hardware
  • Replace dirty pots/switches/jacks
  • Replace bolt-on neck
  • Block Tremolo
  • Tuner Installation upgrade w/ reaming/drilling
  • Add new TUSQ/ Earvana nut
  • Add 50’s wiring mod to your LP
  • Tone cap upgrade (change over to Orange Drop, oil-filled etc)
  • Add treble bleed mod
  • Add esquire mod to your tele
  • Add custom pickguards
  • Add control pot mod (customize tone controls to your liking)
  • Add Additional switches (all pickups on/phase etc)
  • Add custom pickguards
  • Add custom graphics
  • Add 18 volt mod to you active pickups with routing for additional battery
  • Rewire a total muck-up
  • Shield control cavity (copper tape method)*Limited to approx. 10 Hours

*Note that supplies/tools may be available for purchase in class. Please contact for more information.

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