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Guitar Setup, Maintenance & Repair Classes

Join us and learn how to do pro-level guitar setups and repair work at one of our private workshops. Our classes are small and generally conducted in community halls, guitar stores or university settings. Click on the links below to learn more about each class and required supplies. For upcoming dates, be sure to join the mailing list for new class announcements. Classes are held in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, and more areas coming soon. Visit the Events Calendar to view upcoming classes and the registration page for more information. 

Meet the Instructor

Jonny Blackwood

Jonny Blackwood is the content developer and head honcho @BlackwoodGuitarworks. He’s a professional guitarist and guitar tech/ luthier for over 25 years and teaches the fine-art of guitar maintenance & repair through group classes, online articles and his best-selling book titles.

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Guitar Setups
Guitar Kit Assembly
Nut & Saddle Making
Electric Guitar Building (kits)
Acoustic Guitar Building (kits)

Wiring & Electronics
Amp Building
Ukulele Building (kits)
Violin Building (kits)
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Basic Guitar Repair Course
Guitar Tech 101/Hot Rodding
Guitar Pedal Building

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The guitar repair workshop was great. It was the kind of class I’ve been looking for. It gave me the additional confidence and knowledge I needed. The repair guidebook supplied, is very detailed and will see a lot of use. Thanks again! Cheers!”  – Peter (Sherwood Park, Alberta)
“Thanks for the courses the past week. I was looking forward to it and really enjoyed it! I was looking for a course to setup my guitars for awhile and I registered right away for yours when i saw it on facebook and your website. I suggest for the ones who want to learn how to do it, not to hesitate to register. Great document (Guidebook) and also buy the tool kit if you don’t have any it’s good to have. I already suggested the class to few friends. I bought a cheap guitar about a year ago just to get some hand-ons with it, now i can understand what i’m doing and am ready to get this guitar in parts to change the neck, pickups, and so on. Just bought a guitar body for a new project and i will register for the upcoming “Custom Guitar Kit Assembly” for sure. Keep up your good work Jon and have those classes for us music guitar/bass players.”  – Pascal (Edmonton, Alberta)
“Great class, I really enjoyed having some one on one time to ask some questions too.” – Matt (Edmonton, Alberta)
“The classes really demystified guitar setups for me. I’ve tinkered around before and tried to follow online tutorials, but things always seemed a bit off. I now feel confident in my ability to setup my guitars properly, and I have all the tools needed. Thanks for the enlightening classes!” – Ryan (Edmonton, Alberta)
“Great course. You took me from truss rod zero to hero in one afternoon!  Would still like to have gone through some theory on nut adjustment, just for my own education. Already putting the tool kit to work. All and all a great way to build confidence setting up your guitar and a simple fail safe approach. Many Thanks” – Dave (Edmonton, Alberta)
“The class was fun and informative. I’d definitely be interested in taking more of your guitar maintenance/repair courses in the future. I will now feel much more confident doing setups on my own guitars.” – Mitch (Edmonton, Alberta)
“The class was absolutely fantastic! Going into the class, I understood a little about guitar set-ups but didn’t have the confidence to adjust my truss-rod or the skills to do a great job on intonation. After the class I am ready to setup all of my guitars!” – Adam (Edmonton, Alberta)
“LOVED the course today; Karl and I were commenting on how good it was. Thanks a bunch for doing them. – Steve C. (Edmonton, Alberta)
Thanks for all the helpful tech hints Jon,,It was a great learning experience. I highly recommend this course for every guitar enthusiast!!” – Rick S. (Edmonton, Alberta)
“I just wanted to thank you for both classes.  I learned a lot, and once I got home I started to play with my cheap strat and it plays better than my other guitars.  I definitely will be using what you taught to give them all set ups. Thanks again!” – Mike T. (Edmonton, Alberta)
“Excellent course you demystified a lot of things for me today…please keep me abreast of any upcoming courses…” – Chris M. (Edmonton, Alberta)
“That was a great course, my guitars are playing their best.” – Kevin H. (Calgary, Alberta)

“I enjoyed the class and was nice to confirm what I knew and learn some new things. I can’t add anything else, nice informal format, opportunity for questions, good location and the right size group for the time allotted.”
Bob G. (Calgary, Alberta)

“Thanks for the (wiring) course today. Learned a lot and although i didn’t quite get my project finished, I’m confident i won’t have a problem getting it done as well as another one I’ve had sitting…” – Ian W. (Edmonton, Alberta)

“Really enjoyed the Wiring Class. Plugged the Tele in at home and it really does sound better – there is a degree of clarity that wasn’t there before. Had the same experience when the same mods were done to my Strat…. Really enjoyed Sunday’s Setup session. Thought it had the right amount of time allocated and you went through things systematically. Great setup guide handout!– John A. (Edmonton, Alberta)

“I thought the course was excellent! I came home and set up another guitar just to make sure it stays in my mind. I feel much more confident in changing things now, I have messed around with the truss rod before, but was never quite certain what the results would be.” – Aaron B. (Edmonton, AB)

“The class was very good. I would like a class on guitar electronics.” Walker M. (Edmonton, AB)

“Thank you!! The class was great. You were super helpful and the over all pacing of the class was excellent.” – Dan F. (Edmonton, AB)

“I had a great time and learned a lot. You’re very approachable, knowledgeable and you make it easy to ask questions. In my estimation, these are the most important qualities for a good teacher to have.  Keep up the great work and I hope to take another of your classes in the future.” Jon H. (Edmonton, AB)

“I thought the class was great!  I knew a little bit about intonation before the class but I had no idea of relief or fret radius or saddle and pick up height – lots of interesting stuff.” – John W. (Edmonton, AB)

“That was great – my brother loved the setup on the acoustic. I’ve got a lot of practicing to do on the instruments around the house. Great Course – Thanks Jon!” – Dean F. (Edmonton, AB)

“I took a guitar setup and electronics course with you in Calgary last spring. Just finishing up my guitar setup on my tele; installed a set of n3s on her this afternoon and just about to finish up the intonation. Just wanted to say thanks.  Since the course I’ve wired and setup a tele that I built myself… My first partscaster … as well as the MIM that I’m putting the n3s in now.  I learned a lot, and your manual really is great for all the things I forgot to write down. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again. You did an amazing job at the course, and it gave me a ton of confidence. Hope to see you in the future for a fretwork/nut adjustment session!” – Chris W. (Calgary, AB)

“I wasn’t sure if I stopped to thank-you for your time on my way out the door today, but “thank-you”.  I did enjoy the course, I learned a bunch and I did appreciate the extra personal attention that you provided. I would say that over the last year the amount of “geometry” (for lack of a better term) that is involved in guitars (and I’m assuming all stringed instruments) that I’ve come to be aware of has really been eye opening, and you definitely added to that today. Anyhow, thanks again- really enjoyed it. Not sure if I feel ready to take on my 12/6 double neck, but small steps.” – TWK (Edmonton, AB)

“I wanted to thank you for the very informative class and I already have put your teachings into action. All my guitars now play like I always wanted them to. Cheers!” – Michael D. (Edmonton, AB)

“I just wanted to say thanks for a righteous weekend.  It was well paced (but fast), the delivery was great, and it was nice to have immediate access to your expertise.  I learned a lot, and look forward to honing my skills on future projects. Thanks again, it was very cool.” – Francis K. (Calgary, AB)

“Thanks for putting on the workshop. I learned lots, although I can see where one needs to practice applying these things (like anything!). I feel much more confident now in terms of what to check and what to measure to see if my guitar is properly setup, or needs attention. I might need a refresher next year! Cheers” – Jim (Calgary, AB)

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  1. I just wanted to thank you, Jon, for a great “precision set up” course and for extending a credit because I couldn’t attend my original dates. The class was fun easy to follow, and very informative. I now feel comfortable setting my guitars up and they sound and play better than ever. I look forward to further classes. All the best.

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