Books Now Available at Chapters/ Indigo

I’ve been swamped getting this new website functional, and so this announcement is a tad late, albeit a big win for the Blackwood Guitarworks/ Learn-GuitarSetups brand.

For all my fellow Canadians, I am happy to announce that Chapters/Indigo now carries our book “How to Setup Your Guitar Like a Pro”, right across Canada. Being that this is an independent title, it’s a significant accomplishment and proud moment for us.

In celebration of the retail distribution, the book was given a massive overhaul, which doubled the page count! This title was always intended to be a primer- literally for a beginner. So, in that vein, I expanded the content while keeping it accessible and straightforward for all to digest.

If this is a book that sparks your interest, head on out and check it out in store!

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